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Frederick Douglass to Richard D. Webb, January 20, 1846



Perth, [Scot.] 20 Jan[uary] 1846.


I was just about leaving-Glasgow for this place on the arrival of your last,1Webb’s letter to Douglass has not been located. or I would have answered it immediately[.] If it be possible to make the


alteration which you suggested about the length of the book, and to get it owt in the time I mention in the last note, you will do so by almeans. I think it will look much better a little shorter besides[.] I gave direction to the engraver to make the print of the portrait shorter supposing you were prepared to make the alteration as you said. If you cannot get the edition off in time and make the alteration, I know no better way than to get it out in the old form. I met H. C. Wright here last night2Henry Clarke Wright had recently met Douglass and James N. Buffum in Perth. Lib., 27 February 1846.—he was in good spirit—but was looking rather thin,—of course was glad to see us—as we were him. A letter will reach me by directing to Wm. Smeale Glasgow as I shall return to that place in the course eight or ten days.

I am sory you could not send me the three hundred copies for which I sent last week. When the next edition is published, I wish you to have it bound up at once, so that I may not have to wait, as I have had to do for the last edition.

I held two meetings in Glasgow,3Douglass and Buffum spoke at Glasgow antislavery meetings on 10 and 15 January 1846. Glasgow Argus, 22 January 1846; NASS, 26 February 1846; Douglass Papers, ser. 1, 1:13–44. an account of which you will have from Wm. Smeale. It is a great loss to me to be without my narrative as I am dependant on it for all my support in this country.

My warm regards to Mrs. Webb.4Hannah Waring Webb.

Yours tr[ul]y,


ALS: Anti-Slavery Collection, MB.


January 20, 1846


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