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Frederick Douglass to Ruth Cox, July 17, 1846



[Belfast, Ire. 17 July 1846].

MY OWN DEAR SISTER HARRIET,1Harriet Bailey, the name of Douglass’s sister, was the alias of Ruth Cox.

I am not unmindful of you although I did not write to you by the last steamer. I always think of you among the beloved one’s of my family. The enclosed letter is to my Dear Anna.2The enclosed letter from Douglass to his wife Anna has not been located. I have written one which will be read by Jerrimiah.3The enclosed letter to be read by Jeremiah Burke Sanderson of New Bedford, Massachusetts, has not been located. You will see both—and both of them I want you to read over and over again until Dear Anna shall fully understand their contents. I shall not send any caps for our Boys4Douglass’s sons, Lewis, Frederick, Jr., and Charles. or a shawl for Dear Anna—as James5James N. Buffum. has too many things to bring home for himself to be troubled with mine. I shall send a beautiful work box6The sewing box given to Cox by Douglass is part of the Alyce McWilliams Hall Collection in the Nebraska State Historical Society. to you which I bought in London and gave sis dollars for it. You will be pleased with it I know. The Boys must wait for presents till I come home, or until they come to this country. You will get this letter about two weeks before you see friend Buffum. Write me by the next steamer. What you think of coming to this country and [illegible][.] Speak Dear Harriet just what you think—even though differ from me. I will love you all the more for speaking out.

Your Brother


ALS: Correspondence File, Additions II, FD Papers, DLC.


July 17, 1846


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