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Frederick Douglass to Isaac Post, February 3, 1848



Lynn, Mass. 3 Feb[ruary 1848].


I have now full[y] resolved to bring my family1In 1848 Douglass’s household included his wife Anna Murray Douglass and his three sons, eight-year-old Lewis Henry, six-year-old Frederick, Jr., and four-year-old Charles Remond. Rosetta, his ten-year-old daughter, lived in Albany, where she attended the Mott sisters’ school, but she would join the rest of the Douglass family in Rochester at the end of the term. to Rochester with me—and shall probably reach there—~as early as one week from to morrow which is friday. I write to request that you will secure me a tenement24 Alexander Street, Rochester, New York.—the rent of which will not exceed one hundred dollars per annum. I arrived here yesterday, having held meetings in Richfield, Troy, and Springfield—since I left West Winfield.3After speaking at an antislavery fair in West Winfield on 26 and 27 January 1848, Douglass lectured in nearby Richfield on 28 January, in Troy on 30 January, and in Springfield, Massachusetts, on 1 February. By 5 February Douglass was in Lynn, but it does not appear that he lectured there. In the 18 February 1848 issue of the North Star, Douglass reports having moved his family from Lynn to Rochester during the previous two weeks. Springfield (Mass) Daily Republican, 3, 8, 14 February 1848; NS, 4, 11, 18 February 1848. I saw Friend Garrison yesterday—he was well and made affectionate enquires for the health of your family. I regret to be absent from Rochester so long as I shall have to be this time—but the length


of time now may prevent a longer period in future. I am getting subscribers—which is no unimportant item.

With Love to all the members of your Dear family, I am yours ever—In great haste


ALS: Horatio Gates Warner Papers, NRU.


February 3, 1848


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