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List of Emendations


List of Emendations

The List of Emendations records each of the variant readings incorporated into the copy-text. Each entry in the list begins with the page and line number of this edition. An asterisk preceding the page and line number indicates that an explanatory note relating to that entry can be found in the Textual Notes. The adopted reading follows the page and line number and is set off by a square bracket. After the square bracket, an edition/impression symbol indicates the text in which the adopted variant first appears. Several entries lack an edition/impression symbol because the adopted reading does not appear in any of the relevant texts. For a key to the edition/impression symbols, see the comments that introduce the Textual Notes.

[left column]
*13.6 Tell] D2; tell of
*14.8 recollect] D2; recollect of
19.6 what] D2; that
19.8 blasphemy] D1; of blasphemy
*19.13 Providence] providence
*20.14 O!" caret] D1; O!."
*21.24 virtue] D1; virtue or the vice
*22.3 Old] D1; old
*22.4 Young] D1; young
*22.11 Old and Young] D1; old and young
*22.23 Old] D1; old
*22.28 Old] D1; old
*22.34 Old] D1; old
*23.11 whom the slave belonged to,] where the slave belonged,
*26.28 Hicks] D1; Hick
*26.36 Hicks'] D1; Hick's
*28.16 probably seven or] between seven and
*29.19 comfort] D2; comforts
*29.37 Loudon] D2; Louden
*29.39 Fell's] D1; Fells
*30.18 Providence] D1; providence
31.10 towards] D1; toward

[right column]
*31.16 gradually] D2; soon
*31.18 eventually] D2; soon
*31.20-21 demon. Thus is slavery the enemy of both the slave and the slaveholder.] D2; demon.
32.39 look at] D2; look upon
34.4 lamb-like] D1; tilde caret tilde
34.31 the] D1; our
34.31 on] D1; upon
34.32 the] D2; that
*36.14 wished] D2; wishing
*37.34 italics] D1; Italics
*38.7 son, Richard,] D1; tilde caret tilde caret
*38.27 all were] D2; were all
*39.34 had] D1; had had
40.32 Virginia's] D2; Virginia
*41.29 his brother] D2; brother
42.25 than] D2; than a
46.31 gate] D1; woods gate
47.24 word] D1; words
50.37 some] D1; an
51.21 to do] to
55.18 sober, staid,] D1; staid, sober,
*55.22 ball playing] D1; playing ball
57.23 shelter, under carat] D1; tilde caret tilde,



[left column]
*58.31 who] D2; that
60.15 the Sabbath school] D1; Sabbath school
*62.32 words:—] D1; tilde, to wit:—
62.37 County] D1; county
*63.14 and in] D1; and
63.29 the manure] D1; manure
64.11 by my name,] D1; by name
*66.9 if] D2; though
*68.29 shipyard, within the bounds of the Slave States.] D2; shipyard.
68.39 sufferings] D1; suffering
*69.7 was] D1; were
69.19 towards] D1; toward
72.27 week,] D1; tilde;
73.11 go] D1; get
73.13-14 to pay] D1; pay
73.22 the] D1; that the

[right column]
74.10 good] D1; a good
74.29 to] D1; with
74.32—in what direction] D2; what direction
75.9 unfold] D1; to unfold
77.29 any] D2; either
79.31 and my] D1; and
80.19 measures,] D1; tilde caret
80.34 on] D2; since
81.2 to such] D1; of such
81.5 no reference whatever] D1; no possible reference
*82.7-9 other; slavery and piety . . . see] D2; other—
82.26 thine?"—Whittier. ] D1; thine?"
83.22 These] D1; They
83.33 represented] D1; presented
*83.33 feel] D2; have felt

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