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E. S. Jones to Frederick Douglass, July 6, 1854


Mass Meeting of all Parties.

F. DOUGLASS ESQ.: DEAR SIR:—Friend C. S. Depp has delivered three lectures upon the subject of American Slavery, setting forth in an able manner, the political, moral, religious and commercial influences upon the people, and he has been quite successful in awakening a profound interest upon the subject.

We heartily recommend him to the public as he is deserving of the sympathies of all true anti-slavery friends, hoping that he may go on till slavery is abolished.



P. S.—The following resolutions were adopted at a mass meeting of all parties:

Resolved, That this Society be called "The Twenty Mile Anti-Slavery Society."

Resolved, That slavery is a moral, religious and political evil, and we will do what we can to abolish it.

Resolved, That we will vote for no man holding pro-slavery principles, for any office whatever.

Resolved, That the Black Laws of this State are an outrage on the white man, as well as the black.

Resolved, That we regard them with ineffable contempt, believing they are in conflict with the Divine Law, and as free and independent citizens, we will write, speak, and vote against all infringements of our rights.

C. CHRISMAN, President


Jones, E. S.


July 6, 1854


E.S. Jones to Frederick Douglass. PLSr: Frederick DouglassP, 6 July 1854. Recommends abolitionist speaker Castus S. Depp; reports resolutions of “The Twenty Mile Anti-Slavery Society,” composed of members from all antislavery parties.


This document was calendared in the published volume and has not been published in full before


Frederick Douglass' Paper (Rochester, N.Y.) 1851-18??



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