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Frederick Douglass Gerrit Smith, April 6, 1853



Rochester, [N.Y.] 6 April [1853].
Your note and the Land Reform proceeding came this morning—the lat-
ter too late for this week’s issue.—they Shall appear in next weeks paper.1No letter from Gerrit Smith or an account of a Land Reform convention fitting this description appeared in subsequent issues of Frederick Douglass’ Paper.

I have received and have accepted an invit[at]ion from Lewis Tappan
Esqr. To make a Speech at the May meeting of the American and Foreign.
Anti Slavery Society in New york.2Frederick Douglass’ Paper in its 15 April 1853 issue began carrying announcements of the forthcoming annual meetings of both the Garrisonian American Anti-Slavery Society and its rival, the American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, led by Lewis Tappan, to be held in New York City on 11 May 1853. Although the latter announcement promised that the meeting would be “addressed by several distinguished speakers,” Douglass was not named. FDP, 15 April 1853. I have done this, not with out conSideration;—and having weighed every objection to it, my mind is made
up. I Shall not trouble you with my reasons for doing So here—I may
have to give them here after. I am now Suffering from my old bronchitis
affection—but hope to be all right for the May meetings. That hundred
dollars you kindly Sent came in well—Where Shall I look when that fifty
is paid in? This may be looking most too far a head. But I can-t help it—
the thought will come.

By the way—I have to thank you for just the most trim and gentle-
manly, Suit of clothes I ever had on—am Saving them for the New york
occasion3Frederick Douglass attended the American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society anniversary meeting at the Broadway Tabernacle in New York City on 11 May 1853. He delivered an address on the condition and prospects of black people in the United States. Minutes of the meeting were printed in the New York Tribune and reprinted in Frederick Douglass’ Paper. New York Tribune, 12 May 1853; FDP, 6 May, 27 May 1853.

Ward,4Samuel Ringgold Ward. I See is to go to England—he is a Strange genius and I think
one that will take well in England—after its Canada train ing. But I won-t
tresspass upon your precious time

Ever your devoted friend.


[P.S.] My friend Julia5Julia Griffiths. desires her love to you.

ALS: Gerrit Smith Papers, NSyU.


Douglass, Frederick, 1818-1895


April 6, 1853


Yale University Press 2018


Gerritt Smith Manuscripts, Syracuse University



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