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Frederick Douglass to Gerrit Smith, July 15, 1852


Rochester July 15th. 1852

Gerrit Smith Esqr.

My dear Sir,

A word in regard to the Pittsburgh Convention. Can not that Convention be made to occupy such a position as that the "Liberty party" may properly vote for its Candidates? I believe it can—and I believe moreover, that could you attend that Convention, you would Stamp upon it the great principle of Righteous Civil Government to and give effect to many of the doctrines of the Liberty Party.

I want to attend that Convention — and to attend with you and to have the aid of your intelligent judgement in shaping my course. More Free Soil I am Sure will not Satisfy the masses who will attend that Convention. The abolitionists of the west are in advance of their leaders. They are ready for a more certain Sound than that which has of late caled them out to battle. Can you not go and give them that Sound? Yours most truly — and to the end.

Frederick Douglass


Douglass, Frederick




Frederick Douglass to Gerrit Smith. ALS: Gerrit Smith Papers, NSyU. PLSr: Foner, Life and Writings, 2:206. Discusses agenda for upcoming Pittsburgh convention.


This document was calendared in the published volume and has not been published in full before.


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