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Charles Lenox Remond to Frederick Douglass, May 19, 1850


"Watchman, What of the Night."
Frederick Douglass: My Dear Friend,ー
On my arrival in this city, this afternoon, I have been both surprised and grieved to find a printed handbill of a public meeting, for Mr. Samuel R. Ward, of Syracuse, in the St. Mary street Church, on Thursday evening last, introducing in the most undisguised manner, the spirit of colonization, self-degradation, and inferiority, to wit: the pointing of such white persons who may condescend to attend the meeting in this church under the auspicer of colored people, to a particular and superior part of the house, and colored persons to specified inferior seats; thereby, in my humble judgment, sanctioning in the most gratuitous, palpable and humiliating manner, the cruel and depressing customs and laws under which we have lived and suffered for a long series of years. And believing it to be a violation of the practice always observed in our churches and halls, an unhappy and alarming precedent, a flagrant violation of our principles, contrary to the sentiments entertained by a vast majority of the colored population of this city and the country at large, in opposition to the doctrines of the colored gentleman advertised to speak on the occasion, and at this important and trying crisis in our cause, demanding the special and universal consideration of our people,ーI unhesitatingly embrace this early moment, and the medium of your watchful and valuable journal, to record my unqualified and solemn protest against the principle, practice and precedent, which have been introduced in the instance referred to, as reprehensibly injurious, treasonable to our interests, and degrading to our people.
With deep solicitude for the welfare of our cause.
I remain, truly yours,
C. Lenox Remond.
Philada., May 19, 1850.


Remond, Charles Lenox




Charles Lenox Remond to Frederick Douglass. PLSr: NS, 30 May 1850. Complains that Samuel Ringgold Ward tolerates discrimination in reserving accommodations for speakers.


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