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D[avid] Jenkins to Frederick Douglass, October 6, 1853


COLUMBUS, Oct. 19th, 1853.


Pursuant to public notice, a large and en-
thusiastic meeting of colored citizens of Col-
umbus, convened at the First Anti-Slavery
Baptist Church to take into consideration and
determine the best course to pursue in refer-
ence to the kidnapping of one Lewis, who
was wickedly and clandestinely decoyed from
our county on Saturday, the 15th instant, and
dragged before a commissioner in Cincinnati,
to be tried as a fugitive slave.

The meeting was organized by D. Jenkins
being chosen President, and C. H. Langston
appointed Secretary. The meeting was for-
cibly addressed by Messrs. Jenkins, Taylor
Booker, Furgerson, Langston and others, on
the black, fiendish and damnable character
of the act we had met to consider.

The following committees were then ap-
pointed: L. D. Taylor and J. Booker were
appointed to confer with Messrs. Birney and
[illegible] touching evidence that could be fur-
nished in this county to establish the freedom
of the alleged fugitive. This conference was
immediately carried on by telegraph, and by
the advice of counsel, an effort is now be-
ing made to get a writ of habeas corpus, and
have the man return here for trial.

A Committee consisting of C. H. Langston,
J. H. Johnson, Wm. B. Furgerson, John Book-
er, L. D. Taylor, were appointed to draft res-
olutions expressive of the sense of the com-
munity, touching the inhuman and outrage-
ous conduct of the fiends "which" felonious-
ly dragged from our midst "a man and broth-
er," without even the forms of law.

D. Jenkins, J. Jones and John Booker were
also appointed a committee to employ coun-
cil and have the kidnappers brought to jus-
tice if possible.

[We learn from Cincinnati that the man
LEWIS has escaped.—ED.]

The meeting then appointed the following
gentlemen to represent Franklin County
in the Convention, to assemble at Dayton, the
26th inst.

J. T. Ward, L. D. Taylor, J. Booker, James
Evans, C. H. Langston, E. Davis, J. H. John-
son, D. Sulavoo, Isaac Johnson, P. Letchford
D. Trent, H. Johnson, J. Caviter, G. Sur-

On motion the meeting adjourned to
meet on Monday to hear the reports of the
several committees.


C. H. LANGSTON, Sec'y.


Jenkins, David


October 6, 1853


D[avid] Jenkins to Frederick Douglass. PLSr: Frederick DouglassP, 28 October 1853. Reports from Columbus, Ohio, on a meeting to decide how to respond to the fugitive slave trial of a free black.


This document was calendared in the published volume and has not been published in full before.


Frederick Douglass' Paper (Rochester, N.Y.) 1851-18??



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