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[ ]N Montgomery to Frederick Douglass, June 5, 1853


SYRACUSE, June 5, 1853.

DEAR DOUGLASS:—I send a few lines, and
add these remarks: It seems that your peo-
ple are hemmed in—the Egyptians behind—the Red Sea before. Beware of extremes—of reliance on man. What is the result of
the American Revolution? Liberty? You
know it is not—that in the mother country
there is more of it than here, notwithstand-
ing many vile legal abuses and abominations.
Look up. God is the helper of the oppressed
in all ages. The time of deliverance is
drawing nigh; "though it tarry, wait; for
it will come, and will not tarry." God has
His time; and while we faithfully use all
right means, we must leave the issue in His
hand. He will have the glory, for it is all
His, of right. As surely as the Red Sea
opened for Israel to pass through, so surely
has He provided a way of escape for your
people—for all the oppressed who look to
Him for it. May your soul have rest—peace in Christ; for it can find it nowhere

Yours [for?] His dear sake,

[illegible]N MONTGOMERY.


Montgomery, [ ]N


June 5, 1853


[ ]N Montgomery to Frederick Douglass. PLSr: Frederick DouglassP, 10 June 1853. Encourages faith in God for the deliverance of his people.


This document was calendared in the published volume and has not been published in full before.


Frederick Douglass' Paper (Rochester, N.Y.) 1851-18??



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