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A[sa A]. Caldwell to Frederick Douglass, February 6, 1853


New York Central College.

The Spring Term of this Institution will commence on the first Thursday, third day of March next, and continue until the second Wednesday of July following.
A. CALDWELL, Cor. Sec'y.
Dated Feb. 6th, 1853.
The above named College is the only one east of Ohio, in the United States where the gospel reforms of the day are permitted to exercise an influence in forming the character of the rising generation. In this school the broad principles of Bible Democracy is made the foundation of the entire system of education; here the universal brotherhood of mankind is acknowledged; here labor is honored as an ordinance of God; here the female is permitted to claim as her right all the benefits of the school in common with her brother; and here, if nowhere else on earth, sectarianism is unknown.
These, it is true, will be regard by the great mass of this aristocratic and cast-bound world, strong reasons why they should not patronize it; but they will be reasons equally strong with the true reformer why he should patronize it. By all the love he has for truth and humanity, he will be inclined to sustain this mode of education; for, although it might be more convenient for him to send his son or daughter to a conservative school, he well knows that God has said, "whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap;" and it would be a most bitter fruit to the reformer to have those who inherit his property repudiate his principles. Only consistency can secure success.
A. C.


Caldwell, Asa A.


February 6, 1853


A[sa A]. Caldwell to FD. PLIr. FDP, 18 February 1853. Argues that by sending their sons and daughter to New York Central College, reformers will be acting in ac- cordance with their principles.


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