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Frederick Douglass to Gerrit Smith, June 1, 1853




June 1st. 1853

Hon. Gerrit Smith:

My dear Friend. Yours with the letter from Mr Green came this morning. I am Sorry to learn of your illness. Do not venture to Syracuse unless fully restered to health. My own health is good--never better. My family are well, and my good friend Julia is well also. I reciprocate your kind wish to See and talk with me, for I desire always to have your counsel. The meetings at Newyork are well got a long with. Just as you wished, opportunity offered and I embraced the Same, to Speak at both meetings. So the Garrisonians could not Say that I deserted them--nor the new organization that I failed to recognize them as workers in the Slave's cause. My paper which goes to press this afternoon contains your Call for a "Christian Union" convention" at Syracuse. The good women are now holding their State temperance meeting here--and I want to be there--Excuse haste Always truly yours,

Fred. Douglass


Douglass, Frederick, 1818-1895


June 1, 1853


Frederick Douglass to Gerrit Smith. ALS: Gerrit Smith Papers, NSyU. Looks forward to their upcoming meeting in Syracuse.


This document was calendared in the published volume and has not been published in full before.


Gerritt Smith Manuscripts, Syracuse University



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